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American Literature in the Twentieth Century is one of three period courses that closely examine the literary texts written by American authors within their historical contexts. This course presents a wide range of perspectives through the works of major authors of the twentieth century. Focusing primarily on Realism, Naturalism, Modernism, and Postmodernism, it attempts to define these- isms through a close reading of the works and authors that represent them. Attention will be paid as to how this era builds on and differs from previous eras.
Third Year
This course analyzes the concept of culture and studies the relationship between culture, behavior and the communication of individuals and groups. It develops appreciation for the challenges and opportunities posed by increasingly intercultural world and aims to develop analytical interpersonal skills for successful intercultural interaction and for overcoming cultural barriers.
Third Year
American culture is diverse, and like most cultures worldwide, the diverse history defines the national character of America. America is also a nation of contradictions. American culture’s political and social culture has contributed to its evolution from a “New Eden” to its latest role as a neo-imperialistic power. In addition to the assigned anthology, we will be reading several literary texts in order to determine how diversity in the arts, social movements, and the role of politics have evolved and shaped American identity and culture.
First Year
This course examines the Middle East through its various voices with a focus on cultural representations and self-identification. Students will be introduced to cultural patterns and ideologies that will help them reach the cultural competence required for their pragmatic experiences with a Middle Eastern community. The materials used throughout vary in order to present the students with an alternative perception of the Middle East and thus most probably a new and different appreciation of this region and its people. Thus, teaching methods will also vary in form and approach to include texts, media and aesthetic productions as well cyber space usages. Students are a vital part of this course and thus they will be required to deliver presentations and be engaged in seminar discussions.
Fourth Year