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University of Jordan, ICARDA, AmmanSept. 3 9, 1988Participant
Workshop on plastic houses technology and its effect on agricultural development
Amman, JordanSept. 28 29, 1987Participant
. University of JordanSept. 10 14, 1988Participant
The third Arab Scientific Conference of the Biological Sciences
amman,jordanoct. 3 6, 1984Participant
workshop on wastewater reuse in irrigation
JordanMay 26 June 2, 1990Lecturer
  • Sponsored by water resources and study Center, University of Jordan in co‑operation with UNDP.
The second Arab Regional Conference on Sulphur and its Usage in the Arab Countries
RiyadhMarch 2 5, 1985Participant
, ICARDA   AleppoJune 23 25, 1986Participant
Organized by Jordan Fertilizer Industry coordination committee/Jordan phosphate Mines co./Arab potash co. and the International Fertilizers Organization.
Amman-JordanJune 12 17, 1993Participant
Amman, JordanJan. 19 23, 1986Participant
Damascus30 June 9, 1981Participant
Hattar , B.I. and R.J.Dunham
The 5th International Conference on Desert Development Proceedings
  • Organized by University of Jordan, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and IAEA.
jordan18 20 October, 1993Participant

Dry farming in Jordan

university of Jordan , Jordan. May, 17 20, 1982Participant
The fifth seminar on plant micronutrients  Micronutrients and the use of foliar fertilizers in the Arab region  Cairo  Ismailiya
Cairo Egypt and GTZ. Dec. 16 21, 1989Participant
sponsored by University of Jordan and ICARDA
Amman. August 1627, 1992Participant
Organized by Jordan fertilizer Industry Coordination committee, Jordan phosphate Mines co., Arab potash co, and the International Fertilizers Organization
Amman, Jordan, Feb. 17 19, 1986Participant
The 75th Scientific Conference of the American Soc. Of Soil Science