Workshop on Maintaining Nutrition in Emergency Conditions
Amman,Jordan2006Sept. 15-18, 2006.Lecturer
The First Arab Conference on Nutrition,
Manamah, Bahrain,2001Sep, 25-27Participant
The First Arab Conference on Nutrition,
Manamah, Bahrain,2001Sep, 25-27Participant
The First Arab Conference on Nutrition,
Manamah, Bahrain,2001Sep, 25-27Lecturer
The First Jordanian Conference on Food and Nutrition,
jordan2001Sep, 25-27Participant
The First Conference of the Jordanian Society for the Care of Diabetes entitled: Diabetes: Facts and Expectations
Amman Jordan,1991Sep, 18Lecturer
The 7th Jordanian Conference in Agriculture
Jordan2012October 8-10th, 2012 Participant
The scientific Day on Olives
Jordan2013October 6th ,2013Lecturer
The 10th Jordanian Pediatrics Conference and the first Jordanian Nursing and Midwifery Conference
Amman,Jordan2004Oct.7-8th 2004Participant
Forth Conference for Postgraduate Theses
Jordan2012Oct.10-11, 2012Participant
The Scientific Day of Department of Nutrition
Jordan2012Nov.28th ,2012Lecturer
The Arabian Gulf conference on Healthy Nutrition of Adolescent Children
Manama, Bahrain2006Nov. 28-30th, 2006Lecturer
The Ninth Workshop on the Use of the Arabic Language  in Higher Education in the Arab World
Jordan2012Nov. 24-26, 2012Participant
The Preparatory Meeting for the Foundation of an Arab Nutrition Society,
Al-Ain, UAE,1994Nov. 22-24, 1994.Others
The third meeting of The Lebanese  Association for Advancement of Science
Bairut, Lebanon1974Nov. 1974).Lecturer
The workshop on Food-Based Dietary Guidelines (FBDG), Organized by Arab Nutrition Society and FAO
Amman, Jordan1998Nov, 16-19Lecturer
The 4th Conference of the Jordan Society for Scientific Research
Amman/ Jordan2009Nov 7, 2009.Others
The Workshop on the National Policy of Food and Nutrition in Jordan
Amman, Jordan2001May, 2001,Others
A workshop on The National Survey for Assessment of Disorders of Iodine deficiency among school children in Jordan, Held at Pristol Hotel
Amman,Jordan2011.May 26Participant
The week of Smoking Control
Amman, Jordan2001May 23-27, 2001Others
The workshop on Preparing Diploma and M.Sc. Programs in Clinical Nutrition in Diabetology
Amman, Jordan2005May 14-15, 2005.Others
The scientific Day for the Faculty of Paramedical Sciences/ Applied Science University in Collaboration with the Association of Agricultural Engineers in Jordan
Amman, Jordan2008March, 29Lecturer
Workshop on Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants
Amman, Jordan2002Mar. 2, 2002.Others
The Workshop on Micronutrient Deficiencies in the Arab Middle East, Organized by FAO & Arab Nutrition Society,
Amman, Jordan,1995June, 27-29Lecturer
The workshop on Food Composition in Arab Near East Countries, organized by Arab Nutrition Society and FAO in Manama,
Bahrain1998June, 14-15Lecturer
A workshop on Impact of Flour Fortification with Nutrients in Jordan, Held at Pristol Hotel
Amman,Jordan2011June 7Participant
The 10th Arab Conference for Arabization, Organized by Maktab Tanseekul-Ta’areeb and the Syrian Society for Culture Education and Sciences
Damascus, Syria2002July 20 25, 2002.Others
The workshop on Dietary Fiber, Nutrition and Chronic Diseases in the Arab Middle East Coun tries
Irbid, Jordan1997Jul, 7-9Lecturer
The Britich Dietetic Association International Symposium
London, UK1986Jul, 23-25Lecturer
The 3rd Workshop on Strategies of the National policy of Food and Nutrition
Dead sea, Jordan2003Jul, 17-19,Others
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