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Jordanian Agricultural Engineers Association
Jordan Society for Biological Sciences
Jordan Environment Society
German Society for Nutrition
Cultural Society for Youth & Childhood/Jordan
University Committees for Scientific Research, Education curricula, High Education, Community Service, and Extensional Services.
National Committees for Nutritional Status and Food Security in Jordan
Member of editorial board of the journal “ Food and dairy Technology : International Arab Magazine” . Published in Chory Verlag. Germany
Consultation on Food and Nutritional Security in Jordan for the Arab Agricultural Union in 2009 and for the Arab Food Industries Union in 2008.
Nutritional consultant as a member of  the Experts Consultation  Committee –Nutritional improvement through gardening and food supply. FAO/Jordan 2005/ 2006.
Nutritional consultant as a member of  the Nutritional Consultation  Committee WHO, Cairo,2005.
Nutritional consultant as a member of  the Nutritional Consultation Committee - Medical Services for the Arab Sport League, held in Amman, August 1999.
Consultant in the UN - Mission on “ Food and Nutritional Assessment ”in the agreement “Understanding Oil for Food between Iraq and UN ”1997.
Short - term consultations for the FAO on:The state of food and nutrition, changes in food consumption pattern and the traditional local foods in Jordan
Short - term consultations for the Royal Scientific Society/Jordan on the state of food security in Jordan
Consultation for the University of Applied Sciences/Jordan, Department of Food Science and Nutrition on nutrition education curricula and on labs establishment for teaching and research.
Consultation for Al-Quds Open University on  nutrition education curricula of the programs: Land and Rural Development and Home management and Development.
Consultation for ministries of Health, Planning, Social Affairs, Trade, Supply and Education in the fields of human nutrition, nutrition education, nutrition and health extension and development of nutrition programs in Jordan.
Consultation for public and for professional groups such as physicians, nurses, health worker, food hygiene worker and catering workers in the areas of community nutrition, nutrition and health extension, food hygiene and meal management through seminars, lectures, mass media and public talks