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- WHO Expert for Iraq Office on “ Workshop for Health Profession Education in Iraq” Amman, Jordan. 11-15/2/2007
- Curriculum Development and Clinical Training for Gulf Medical College, Ajaman, UAE. April 2003
- Incorporation of Sexual Education in High School Curricula, Ministry of Education, Amman, Jordan, April 2005
- Journalistic Coverage of HIV/AIDS for UNESCO, Amman, Jordan. May 2005
- Reviewer of Proposal submitted to the Higher Education Development Project. 2002
- Reviewer for Jordan National Drug Formulary, Amman Jordan, 2006.
- Facilitator in a group of workshops organized by the Center for Educational Development at the University of Jordan
- Planning Health Curricula, University of Jordan, Amman Jordan. 30/1-3/2/1993
- Basics of Blood Banking, Murton, Switzerland. 23-31/7/1994
- Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting, Gent, Belgium. 10-14/10/1994
- Polymerase Chain Recction (PCR), American University of Beirut, Beirut Lebanon. 1-5/5/1995
- Quality Assurance in Medical Education, American University of Beirut, Beirut Lebanon. 6-9/5/1995
- Automation and Quality Management in Blood Banking, Murton, Switzerland. 26/11-3/12/1995
- Panarab Conference on Laboratory Medicine, Amman Jordan, April 1996
- Stem Cell Separation from Peripheral Blood, Beirut, Lebanon. April 1998
- Advanced Blood Banking, Murton, Switzerland. Sept.1998
- Community Based Medical Education, Suez Canal University, Ismailiah Egypt. 22-28/2/1999
- Workshop on Information Technology in Higher Education, Amman Jordan. 6-7/3/1999
- Revision of  HIV/AIDS Guidelines for Journalists, Amman Jordan. 7/5/2007
- Several WHO Workshops and Study groups on Medical Education
- Avian and Pandemic Influenza Subject Matter Exerize. Joint activity between US Central Command and Royal Medical Services. Amman Jordan 29-30 July 2009. Participated as a speaker
- Establishment of the Medical Skills Center at the Faculty of Medicne, the University of Jordan, Amman Jordan. This involved proposal prepartion and submission, equipping of the center, organizing staff development activities including the organization of workshops, short term training courses, professorship visits, and travel to academic conferences. The center was officially opened and made available for utilization in January 2005.
- Establishment of the Molecular Biology Research Laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Jordan which was officially opened in January 2005.
- Preparation of Program Specification as a requirement for acceditation of the Faculty of Medicine, 2004.
- Change of the Curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine: Lead a group of highly motivated staff members to change the curriculum from a traditional one into an integrated organ system based curiculum. The new curriculum was put in effect as of the academic year 2003/2004.