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Developed and lectured seminars and courses on the implementation and certification to ISO 17025 , e.g. in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Member of the Jordanian Institute for Standards and Metrology Committees for conformity assessment
Have a comprehensive collection of literature on conformity assessment and related ISO standards
Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), USA, 1987 – 2000.
International Association for Food Protection (Formerly, International Association of Milk, Food and Environmental Sanitarians, (IAMFES), USA, 1987 - 1999.
Society of Applied Microbiology (SAM), UK, 1988 – 1999.
A Chemical and Microbial Study of Jameed Cheese Produced in Jordan 1991.
Thermal Process Requirements of Canned Chickpea Dip and their Effects on its Sensory Properties 1992.
 Evaluation of Trapping Methods of olive Fruit Fly Dacus Oleae ( Diptera: Tephritidae) and A study of one of ITS Parasitoids 1993.
 Development of Processed Cheese spread from Local White ‘ Nabulsi’ Cheese and Labaneh 1993.
 The Effect of Casein : Fat Ration and the Addition of starter Culture on the Quality of Local White – Bained Cheese1994.
 Effect of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Zinc Bacitracin as Broiler Rations1994.
 A study Toward the Simplifiction of the Californian
Method for Production of Black Table Olives , Using tow Local Cultivars 1995.
Isolation and Serological characterization of listerla Monocytogenes From Chickens In Jordan 1995.
A Study Towards The Improvement of Jameed Quality and Solubility 1996.
Citric Acid Production By Selected Aspergillus Species Using Whey As Fermentation Medium 1999.
The effect of the Appliction of Hazard Analysis nd Critical Points ( Haccp) System on the Microbial quality of Yogurt and Halloumi Cheese 2001.
الهندسة الوراثيه بين المعطيات العلمية والضوابط الشرعية 2001
A stady of Selected Microbial Indies of Water Pollution of Wadi AL_ Arab reservoir in Jordan 2002.
A Study To Produce fungal Rennin_ Like Enzyme and its Use In The Manufacturing of Nabulsi Cheese 2002.
The Application of Hazard  Analysis Critical Control poin (HACCP) system During Jameed Producion 2002.
  A study To Produce Fungal Rennin-like Enzyme And its Use In The Manufacturing of Nabulsi cheese 2002.
Studying The Efeect of Garljc, coriander And Paprika on Some properties of Frankfurter 2003.
Using Formic and  Propionic Acids Acids To Control Experimental Salmonella gallinarum Infection In Broiler Chickens 2003.
قياس الانتاجية والتقدم التكنولوجي في الصناعات الغذائية في الاردن 2003.
A survey of Mortality In Commercial Broiler Farms In Some Governorates In Jordan 2003.
A Study of The AntioxidAtivev  of Alcohol Extracts Of Chamomile ,Anise And Dill Seeds On Some Oils And Fats 2003.
انتشار السالمونيلا فروج اللحم في الاردن 2004.
Investigation Of Acrylamide Lwvels In Selected Fried And Baked Foods In Jordan 2004.
Comparative Genotyping of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Clinical Isolates with International Antigenic Typing Scheme Using Random Amplification of Polymorphic DNA 2004.
In Vitro Studies of The Effect of Fermented Dairy Product Containing Probiotics and Neutraceuticals on Different Characteristics of Intestinal Microflora 2004.
Effect of Inclusin of Locally Isolated Probiotics Strains and Prebiotics to Rat Diet on Their Blood Lipids 2004
Optimization of the Retorting Condition and Fat Level for Production a High Quality Canned Luncheon Meat 2005.
Characterization of The Fatty Acids Composition And minor Components of The olive oil Extracted From Fruits of Improved Nabali Olive Tree Grown IN Different Geographical Areas In Jordan 2005.
Isolation  of Aspergillus flavus From Certain Local Foods And the Production OF Aflatoxin In Vitro And The   Effect of Black Cumin( Nigella Sativa) and Garlic (Allium sativum) Extracts On The Growth Of Aspergllus flavus 2006.
Prevelance of Enterotxic Bacillus cereus Isolstes In Stool Specimens From Jordanians Using PCR 2006.