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This course aims at acquainting students with the basic notions of language testing including the questions of validity, reliability and practicality, the purposes of testing, qualities of a good test, types of tests, methods of testing listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. It also aims at familiarizing students with how test results can be interpreted. Students will also be trained to write and evaluate tests of different types.
Second Year
The course aims at training students to produce audio, visual, and cyber media reports. It also develops their skills in listening to and monitoring news bulletins and reading mainstream newspapers. Moreover, it promotes their skills in conducting interviews, in addition to reporting and editing news.
Third Year
The course provides an overview of the major areas related to second language acquisition or learning from an applied linguistic perspective and their manifestation in the language classroom.
Second Year
Nature of Public Relations activities; About us; Press Releases; Newsletters; Reporting from academic journals; Writing and editing news headlines; leaflets; pamphlets; brochures; publicity materials;
A 3-credit hour practical course aiming at training Appled English undergraduates on methods of translation from Arabic to English. A wide variety of texts from different academic and professional genres will be translated during this course.
A practical course for undergraduate applied English students aiming at exposing them to the discourse of diplomatic texts and situations. A wide variety of modern texts will be used to achieve the learning outcomes of this course.
Third Year