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Amani Al-assaf
Workshop on the topic "Establishing Species Conservation Priorities 
Amman – Jordan.September 3, 2012Participant
Amani Al-Assaf
workshop: Jordan's 3rd National Communication Report on Climate Change
Amman, Jordan4th June 2012Participant
Khalid Al-Khalidi,  Amani Alassaf,  Mustafa Al-Shudiefat  and Raed Al-Tabini.
Scientific day for RBG
Amman Jordan 12/1/2012Participant
Amani Al-Assaf
“BION International Biodiversity Congress  2014”
Amani Al-Assaf
Workshop on the topic "Planning Investment in Water for Agriculture and Energy in the Middle East"
Esfahan (Iran)07 to 09 of May 2012Participant


Seminar in the cross-roads of Food, Water and Energy Security.-Sahara Forest project
dead sea, Jordan April 24  2012Participant