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This course introduces students to some of the main concepts and theories that have emerged in the field of "decision support systems". Decision Support Systems (DSS) represent a powerful class of IT that is specifically designed to assist the decision maker in the current data-rich but information-poor environment. DSS applications have the effect of enhancing the efficacy of decisions, particularly in highly uncertain, constrained, complex and dynamic environments, as well as increasing decision-making speed, quality, traceability and consensus. In the class work, students will be asked to model and analyze business case studies using specialized computer software tools. The course work will help students to gain experience and better understanding of deploying such systems in real-time decision making in business settings, and their use off-line in strategy and policy development.
Third Year
1903121This course aims to improve students’ ability in developing web applications. Students will have strong knowledge about the methods and tools used in developing web applications. Students will know how the World Wide Web works to be able to design, implement and configure its services and applications effectively. Also students should work on emerging web technologies available in the market. topics include XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Second Year
1903101This course is a technically-oriented introductory survey of information technology. The course is designed to prepare students without a technical background to succeed in the entry graduate courses in our Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems and Masters of Science in Telecommunications programs
first year