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Conference in Political Philosophy
University of Pavia (Italy)Septemper 2006Lecturer
Internship on Election Administration, Electoral Court of the Federal Judiciary of Mexico. Organized by the International Electoral Education Council (IEEC).
MexicoSeptember 2011Participant
Zaid Eyadat
the International Conference on Security and Defense
The Dominican Republic. October 2011Lecturer
Alexandria Conference on "Education Convention For Intercultural And Democratic Citizenship". Organized by Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) and the Swedish Institute.
Alexandria, Egypt.October 2011Participant
Zaid Eyadat
The annual meeting of the Middle East Studies Assosiation
San Francisco,CANovember,2004Lecturer
HDCA Human Development, Capability and Poverty International Research Centre, Italy, “Conference on Respect, Global Justice and Human Rights
ItalyNovember 2009Participant
Zaid Eyadat
Jura Gentium, working group of the Journal of Philosophy of International Law and Global Politics
Italy November 2006Lecturer
Zaid Eyadat
Euro-Med seminar. Organized by The MEDAC - Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies
 MaltaMay 2011Lecturer
Zaid Eyadat
International Conference on "Overcoming the Trap of Resentment
Istanbul, TurkeyMay 2011Lecturer
Zaid Eyadat
conference on Law of God and Law of Man in the Three Great Monotheistic Religions
Padua-ItalyMay 2007Lecturer
Regional Conference on “Towards a Healthier Relationship between Religion and State”.
 Istanbul, Turkey March 2010Participant
Arab National Institutions for Human Rights Conference, The Conference discussed the subject. Elections and human rights in the Arab world.
Amman, JordanMarch 2009 Participant
Zaid Eyadat
United National Development Programme
The United KingdomMarch 2007Lecturer
International Conference on "UNHCR's Annual Consultations with NGOs"
Geneva, Switzerland. June –July 2011Participant
The first international conference of the Faculty of International Studies on “Jordan in Changing Regional and International Environment”.
Amman, JordanJune 2009 Participant
Led program on "Peace and Conflict Resolution in the Middle East and Beyond
 Amman/London Course. Organized by the Foundation for International Education (FIE) and AmidEast.July 2012Participant
International Conference On Combating Trafficking in Persons in Lebanon: Government and Civil Society Partnership. Organized by Johns Hopkins University and Beirut Arab University
Beirut, LebanonJanuary 2011Participant
Zaid Eyadat
the International Conference on The Arab –Israeli Conflict and the Future of the Middle East.
Copenhagen, Denmark. January 2011Lecturer
Zaid Eyadat
Regional Seminar on Human Security “Building Alliances for Human Security in the WANA Region”. Organized by the Regional Human Security Centre, Amman, Jordan and the Institute for Peace Studies
Alexandria, EgyptJanuary 2010 Lecturer
National conference on promoting dialogue between government and civil society.
Amman- JordanJanuary 2008 Participant
Royal Institute for Interfaith Dialogue “Symposium on Religious Fundamentalism
Amman Jordan February 2010 Participant
Hosted Karama Festival on Human Rights in the University of Jordan
Amman-JordanDecember 2011Participant
Zaid Eyadat
international conference on "Between Rawls and Religion: Liberalism in a Post-secular World.
Rome December 2010Lecturer
the Fourteenth Annual Meeting and Conference of the Asia-Pacific Forum of National Institutions for Human Rights, The conference discussed issues of corruption and human rights and freedom of religion and belief.
Amman –JordanAugust 2009 Participant
'Seminar on 'Essentials of Migration Management .Organized by IOM-Amman and the University of Jordan
Amman -Jordan August 15-16/2010Participant
Conference on “Situations of Iraqi Refugees”. Organized by the Refugees Studies Center(RSC) at University of Oxford and the Regional Human Security Center(RHSC)
Amman ,Jordan. April 2010Participant
Participant of Expert Group on Post-Graduate Studies in Electoral Processes
International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA). Pisa7 – 8 March 2013Participant
6th International Migration Law Course Organizes by IOM and the International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IIHL).
Sanremo, Italy 27 September-1 October 2010Participant
Zaid Eyadat
To the Political Science Department of University of Southern California
Los Angeles, USA26 September 2013Lecturer
Zaid Eyadat
At the 4th Gulf Research Meeting
Cambridge University, UK2-5 July 2013Participant
Delivered seminar "Arab Spring, Political Islam, and New Trends in Middle Eastern Studies" at the Human Rights Institute
University of Connecticut, USA23 September 2013Participant
Zaid Eyadat
The Istanbul Seminars 2012
Istanbul, Turkey22 – 24 May 2012Lecturer
International conference on “Human Rights and Human Development”. Organized by the HDCA and University of Jordan
Amman –Jordan21-23 September 2010Participant
Middle East Studies Association Conference
North America2004Lecturer
Turath Symposium
Zaid Eyadat
conference sponsored by the Center for International Studies
University of Southern California-USA 2004Others
Panelist at the Contexts of Human Rights conference at the Human Rights Institute
University of Connecticut, USA19 -21 September 2013Participant
Workshop for Multiculturalism and Minority Rights in the Arab
Instituto di Studi Politici "S Pio V." Rome1 - 2 March 2013Participant