Ayed Al Abdallat
Jamal Abu El EineinGenetics and BreedingPh.DCurrentnot-No
Dr Ayed Al Abdallat
Moneer MansourGenetics and BreedingMasterCurrentNo-No
Dr Rida Shibli Advisor, Dr Ayed Al Abdallat (Co Advisor)
Bushraa Sabbah Plant biotechnology and tissue cultureMasterCurrentnot-No
Ayed Al Abdallat
Zaherra AkkahGenetics and BreedingMaster2014noNo
Ayed Al Abdallat
Mohammad Sheik OmarBioinformatics Master2013yesNo
Dr Rida Shibli Dr Ayed Al Abdallat , PhD, Co Advisor
Reham Tahtmoni  Plant tissue culturePh.D2013yesRW Tahtamouni, RA Shibli, AM Al-Abdallat, TS Al-Qudah, L. Younis, H. Al-Baba and H. Al- Ruwaiei (2014) In Vitro Conservation and Cryopreservation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: A Review. Jordan Journal of Agricultural Sciences. In press.Yes
Ayed Alabdallat
Dina Abaza BiotechnologyMaster2012yesD Abaza, H Al-Debei 1, G Anfoka, A Kvarnheden and AM Al-Abdallat (2014) Utilisation of an agrodrench inoculation method for tomato yellow leaf curl virus. Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment, 12 (2): 680 – 687.Yes
Dr. Muhanad Al Akash
Dr. Ayed Al Abdallat
Mohammad AndiBiotechnologyMaster2010not-No
Dr. Ayed Al Abdallat
Wafa AmroBiotechnologyMaster2010not-No
Prof. Dr. Jamal Sawwan Dr. Ayed Al Abdallat (co-advisor)
Ayat Al QurranBiotechnologyMaster2010 yesAF Al Qurraan, JS Sawwan, AM Al Abdallat (2012) Analysis of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene expression in callus cells of hawthorn (Crataegus aronia L.). Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment 10: 572-576.Yes
Prof. Dr. Jamal Sawwan Dr. Ayed Al Abdallat (co-advisor)
Afnan ZaeiterBiotechnologyMaster2010 yesZuiter AS, Sawwan J, Al Abdallat A. (2012) Designing universal primers for the isolation of DNA sequences encoding Proanthocyanidins biosynthetic enzymes in Crataegus aronia. BMC Res Notes, 10(5):427.Yes
Prof. Dr. Jamal Sawwan Dr. Ayed Al Abdallat (co-advisor)
Batol Al ZoubiPlant BiotechnologyMaster2009Yes
Prof. Dr. Jamal Sawwan
Dr. Ayed Al Abdallat
Bennur Mohamed ElmtawahPlant Tissue cultureMaster2007NotNo