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In combination with Spanish for Beginners (2) and (3), this course introduces students to the basics of Spanish language and Spanish culture. The aim of the course is to develop communication skills in everyday life and simple situations. The course proposes a full competence in communication strategies and not only a linear assimilation of grammatical knowledge.
This course introduces students deeper into the grammatical structures of the Spanish language communication strategies in more advanced situations and contexts and cultural. More relevant grammatical matters will be studied at length.
The course is regarded as a continuation for the other two Spanish courses (Spanish for Beginners 1 & 2); it trains the four language skills, listening comprehension, writing, reading and oral skills, on a more advanced level. After finishing this course, the student will be able to act with self-assurance in everyday life situations. The course contains some new topics such as: description of people’s appearance, education and school, entertainment and TV, work and economics in Spain, industry and other more topics related to the Spanish society and culture.