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Is oncerned with private sales transactions of a cross-border kind. The course also deals at length with international uniform and harmonised law, found in international conventions laying down a substantive law for defined cross-border transactions, for example, the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods 1980. Uniform substantive law can also be found in soft law instruments, such as the Principles of International Commercial Contracts published by the Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT), which are not designed to become binding law in Sovereign States. Uniform law resides too in implied terms suitable for incorporation in private contracts by the free act of the contracting parties. These include export trade terms (Incoterms 2010) and the Customs and Practice for Documentary Letters of Credit (UCP), both published by the International Chamber of Commerce ICC.
Fourth Year
This course aims to give a broad understanding of the principles of the law of contracts and be able to demonstrate the application to the creation, performance and discharge of contractual obligations in commercial situations .
Third Year
This course aims to provide students with a foundation of principles of commercial law and ethical issues and is structured to provide an elementary understanding of the current legal environment of business and associated ethical issues. This course covers the origins of our legal system and sources of law; contract law; the Jordanian commercial Law
First Year
This course is concerned with the general principles of commercial law; it covers its origin, development, commercial acts, and the merchant in terms of the required conditions and commercial capacity, the store, its elements and protection, commercial books, commercial registry, and commercial contracts
First Year
The course will begin with an overview of the history and development of environmental law, including some underlying philosophies, Aprinciples and ethics. This foundation will lead to a critical approach to the study of environmental law in Jordan.
Fourth Year
The course will broadly cover general law terms as well as specialized legal terminology related to: Criminal Law, Contracts, Property Law, Civil Law, Intellectual Property, Copyright and Legal proceedings.
Second Year
This course deals with the concepts, history, sources, theories and general processes of international private law. Particular areas studied will include jurisdiction; family law; obligations; commercial law and property law; and Arbitration. for Bachelor's Students and Master LLM Students
Fourth Year
This course deals with the general theory of law in terms of definition, its origins, characteristics, bases, branches, sources, interpretation and sphere of application. It also deals with the general theory of right concerning its definition, types, persons, objects, sources, uses, and the means of its protection.
First Year