Synthesis of novel materials for the capturing of CO2. I was primarily involved in the development of ‘Green Sorbents’ for the capture of CO2. Syntheses of these materials were following Green Chemistry protocols. Interest is based on the utilization of cheap resources to make efficient sorbents with best working performances at ambient conditions.
Synthesis of biodegradable plastics starting from CO2 is a must that can be used in plastic bags or packaging industries. Synthesis of novel materials all the way through coordination polymerization, and controlled radical polymerization. Furthermore, preparation of organic monomers starting from commercially available renewable resources. In addition, development of synthetic protocols under mild reaction conditions.
Synthesis and development of useful inexpensive, commercially available-, economically viable starting materials e.g. CO2, that can be applied in organic synthesis followed by finding new applications, in multidisciplinary fields such as polymerization, Catalysis, Green chemistry, and Ionic liquids.
Design, synthesis and characterization of transition metal-based complexes ‘know-hows’ that can be applied as catalysts for polymerization reactions and organic synthesis, or even testing its bioactivity. Medicinal applications of the synthesized complexes as antitumor agents, and their utilization in medicinal chemistry.