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In this course participants are introduced to characteristics of different kinds of media. Students receive an overview about different categories of newspapers and magazines. The different kinds of newspapers and magazines are described, background information about different products of the press is acquired. Articles from newspaper and magazines are presented by students and then discussed. Basic knowledge about the Italian press laws is gathered. The students will learn to recognize the advantages and the disadvantages of the different methods of teaching and how to plan and perform a successful and interesting lesson.
First Year
This course introduces the skills of debate, effective reading and in inferntial thinking through the use of selected text. The student should to recognize the structure of the text and to utilize the acquired vocabulary, expressions and structures in his discussion.
Fourth Year
This course starts with the so-calls “Classical Period of Italian Literature “and leads through the several literary epochs until the present. Students will read and study selections from the poetry, prose, and drama of the period.
Third Year
This course tends to offer the participant an ample understanding of contemporary Italian thought. After situating contemporary Italy in her ideological and political context, participants proceed to analyze the nation's intellectual, thinkers, social, and human development The final object will be an attempt to identify a Italian thought in a broad sense. This course focuses on Italian thought with an emphasis on how Italian thought compares and contrasts with American or Hispanic thought.
Third Year