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Study of physico-chemical properties that control complex formation including drug stability and factors affecting it and shelf-life determinations. In addition, diffusion and absorption will be discussed.
Second Year
Operation unit for dosage form manufacturing: particle size analysis, size reduction, mixing, wet-granulation and drying.
Compaction and ompression of Powdered Solids
Oral Solid Dosage Forms
Third Year
Aqueous Polymeric coating of Pharmaceutical dosage forms, hard gelatin capsules, soft-gelatin capsules, Pharmaceutical suspensions, pharmaceutical emulsions, Formulation of small volume parenterals
Third Year
Oral drug delivery, oral drug delivery, Transdermal drug delivery, microencapsulation, cyclodextrin complexation
Litreture search for research articles in dosage form formulation and drug delivery. Power oint preperation and oral presentation.
Fifth Year