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 Karachi - PakistanJan.  2004Participant
 Karachi - Pakistan9-12 March.  2002Participant
 Amman, Jordan9-11 October, 2004Participant
 Manila- Philippine7-11 Jan. 2008 Participant
 Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan6th-8th June, 2005Participant
Karachi - Pakistan6-9 Jan.  2006Participant
 Antalya- Turkey3-9 Sept 2006Participant
Delft, Netherlands3-8 July 2005Participant
 Glasgow England 31st July- 7th August 2009 Participant
 Karachi Pakistan25 Jan.-2nd Feb, 1990Participant
 Karachi - Pakistan22-29 Jan.  1996Participant
 Karachi Pakistan22-29 Jan, 1992Participant
 Amman Jordan20-27 June, 1993Participant
 Karachi - Pakistan18-22 Jan.  2000Participant
 Shanghai, China14-16 Sept 2009Participant
 Novosibirsk, Russia12-17 Sept. 2004Participant