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W1-W3 orientation, principles of mechanics, equilibruim and tractor mechanics analysis W4-W6 methods of power transmissions i.e. belt and pulley, gears, chain and sprocket, hydraulic method , tractor power outlets W7-W9 tractor classifications, tractor engine"s systems , power train;Intake-exhaust system, cooling system , Fuel system, lubricate systemand Electrical system W10-W12 Tillage equipments; Tillage patterns ; Tillage types, Primary tillage equipments and secondary tillage equipment W13-W14 Planting equipment , types and classifications; Seed drill transplanter and potato planter. W14-W-15 Plant protection equipment ; Classifactions; Knapsack sprayer and Boom sprayer W15-W16 Harvesting equipment - Forage crop- ; mowers types ; conditioners , rakers types and baler Combine harvester and root crop digger.
W1 safety regulations in farm mechanizations; tractor and operator W2 Tractor components, power train, engine systems and hydraulic system W3 Tractor power outlets PTO power take off; DB draw bar; 3-PHS three point hitching system W4 Tractor tread Wheel adjustment W5 Tractor maintenance; daily maintenance; weekly maintenance ; monthly maintenance; 6-month maintenance and yearly maintenance W6 Tillage equipment -primary - moldboard functions; hitching procedure; adjustment and maintenance. Disc plough: Functions; hitching procedure; adjustment and maintenance. W7 Harrows; types spike tooth harrows; spring tooth harrows; rotary tiller: functions; hitching procedure; adjustments and maintenance. W8 Midterm Exam W9-W11 Planting equipment: Seeddrill: fuctions; components; calibration and maintenance Transplanter: functions; components; adjustment; calibration and maintenance. Potato planter: functions; components; adjustment; calibration and maintenance