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. Fluvial-shallow marine-glaciofluvial depositional   environments of the Ordovician System in Jordan.
Belal Amireh
German DAAD1999
The major, trace and rare earth element geochemistry of glauconites from the early Cretaceous Kurnub Group of Jordan.
Jarrar, Gh., Amireh, B., Zachman, D.,
German DAAD1995
K-Ar dating, X-ray diffractometry, optical and scanning electron microscopy of glauconies from the early Cretaceous Kurnub Group of Jordan.
Belal Amireh
Germam DAAD1992
Sedimentological and Petrological Interplays of the Nubian Series in Jordan with regard to paleogeography and Diagenesis.
Belal Amireh
Tu Braunschweig1987
“Geochemistry and Petrography of some Jordanian Oil Shales”
Belal S. Amireh
The late King Hussein.1979