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Salwa Bdour
Khitam SalemLife SciencesM.Sc2008-2009No
Salwa Bdour
Maisa ShawqfehLife SciencesPh.D2007-2008No
 Bdour,S  and Ayayash H
Rani Al-TumLife SciencesM.Sc2002/2003Journal of  Tropical Pediatrics 52: 282-287 (2006) and Jordan Medical Journal. 43: 171-178 (2009).Yes
 Bdour, S. and Shehabi, A.
Randa GeorgeLife SciencesM.Sc2002/2003Journal of Medical Microbiology. 55:183-187 (2006).Yes
Bdour, S. and Shehabi, A.
Jamal Al-AmeriLife SciencesM.Sc2002/2003No
Mahasneh A and Salwa Bdour
Waseem Al-HendiLife SciencesM.Sc2002/2003Diagnostic Microbiolog and Infectious Disease. 56: 127-132 (2006).Yes
Mahasneh, A. and Bdour, S.
Ala’ BawadeeLife SciencesM.Sc2002/2003Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences. 2(2): 97-102 (2009)Yes
Abu-Irmaileh, B. E., Valkoun, J. and Bdour, S.
Maha Al-SyoufLife SciencesPh.D2001-2002Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution. 53(6): 1165-1172 (2006)Yes
 Bdour, S. and Shehabi, A.
Enas ZubiLife SciencesM.Sc2001/2002Microbial Drug resistance.10(4): 321-324 (2005)Yes
Tabbaa, M. and Bdour, S.  
Ismail ZaitounLife SciencesM.Sc2000/2001Small Ruminant Research 56(1-3): 173-182 (2005) and Dirasat, Agricultural Sciences. 31: 143-149 (2004)Yes
Shervington, A. and Bdour, S.
Lara AbbasLife SciencesM.Sc1999-2000World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. 17: 134-142 (2001).Yes