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Motion in one dimension, vectors, motion in two dimensions, the law of motions, Circular Motion and Other Applications of Newton's Laws, Energy and Energy Transfer, Potential Energy, Linear Momentum and Collisions, Rotation of a Rigid Object about a Fixed Axis, Angular Momentum, Gravitation, Fluid Mechanics.
This lab consists of 12 experiments, collecting and analyzing data, measurement and precise, vectors, forces table, motion in one dimension, force and motion, Newton's laws, collisions in two dimensions, rotational motion, simple pendulum oscillation, gases' laws, viscosity parameter, and specific heat.
This course aims at introducing the student to the rudiments of environmental science whose corner stone was laid in the second half of the 20th century. This is being accomplished by discussing the following topics: The earth and natural hazards, Ecosystems, Biogeochemical Cycles, Man and the Environment and the Natural Resources in the Solid Earth System, Air Pollution, Water Resources, management and Pollution, Solid Waste, Food and Health, Environmental Impact Assessment.