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Psychological basis of social interaction such as conformity, obedience; leadership, crowds behavior, formation and maintenance and dissolution adult relationship, altruism, aggression and media.
First Year
Surveys the principles and psychological concepts related to human behavior in organizations. Topics include supervision; leadership, work motivation; communication systems, decision making; organizational climates and their effects.
Third Year
Applications of psychology in the workplace; topics covered include methods of job description, design, performance appraisal, accidents analysis and prevention methods, and personnel selection and training.
Third Year
A general overview of theories and applications of psychology. It includes psychology development, biological basis of behavior, perception, sensation, learning, memory, intelligence, language, emotions, motivation, personality, psychological health, mental disorders. Psychotherapy and social psychology
First Year
An in depth study of topics in social cognition, self-perception; social influence; dynamics of interpersonal relations and the significance of social support.