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world wide Symphonies Orchestras and Oriental Orchestras conducting
• القصيد السيمفوني "الشروق وادي رم" • القصيد السيمفوني " الغروب في وادي رم " • القصيد السيمفوني "البتراء" • كونشيرتو الكمان في سلم دو الصغير . • الأغنية الأوركسترالية " حبيتك أنا عمان " • سماعي للأوركسترا بعنوان " عروس الشمال " • روندو للأوركسترا والآلات الشرقية بعوان " الفيروز " • سيمفونية "ملك وملكة" لم تقدم بعد .
Kurd Sukkarieh
He presented a concert with his symphony accompanied by the Amman Symphony Orchestra under his leadership and under the patronage of the Minister of Culture and Tourism, and with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Amman Municipality and the Radio and Television Foundation. Where the first Jordanian symphony was presented in its international form, its Arab content and its Jordanian identity through the use of some popular Jordanian tunes in the work of the orchestra as well as the introduction of some popular Jordanian instruments
His works were presented at the closing ceremony of the Jordan Festival 2008 under the patronage of the Prime Minister through the Jordanian National Orchestra, which he founded in 2002 and in cooperation with the Damascus Symphony Orchestra  
Participated in the activities of Amman as the Capital of Arab Culture 2002 through the re-codification project of the Jerusalem Symphony of Youssef Khasho. The work was presented in Syria through the Damascus Symphony Orchestra in more than 2002 Concert 2003  
He obtained the creative assignment from the Ministry of Culture 2009 in the project of the Jordanian symphonic poem - Strengthening the National School
His works were perfomed in many cultural and artistic forums such as: Qatar philharmonic Orchestra, presented his symphonic poem "Petra". and the Green Orchestra, which presented his symphonic poem "sunset in Wadi Rum" in Sazburg. In addition to a three-sets and quad perform his works in various parts of the world 2010, 2011, 2012.
Presented a Concert of the Classics of the last century which was performed at the Royal Opera House of Oman through conducting the Egyptian Orchestra and accompanied by Dr. Ayman Tayseer and Ghada Ragab 2013
-The symphonic poem "Sunrise in wadi Rum". -The symphonic poem "Sunset in Wadi Rum". -The symphonic poem "Petra". -The Violin Concerto in C minor. -Orchestral song "I Love You Amman". -Sama'e of the Orchestra "Bride of the North". -Rondo of the orchestra and Oriental instruments "Al Fayrouz" -The symphony "King and Queen" has not yet been submitted.
A workshop titled: Integrating Human Rights Concepts in the Colleges and Arts Departments at Jordanian Universities, held at the National Center for Human Rights in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program. On 4/12/2011. Representative of the Department of Musical Arts / Faculty of Arts and Design / University of Jordan.
Brainstorming workshop titled: Re-casting of the Jordanian song "at the Royal Cultural Center on 30/5/2012
​ضم البرنامج أهم الأعمال من مؤلفات د. هيثم سكرية التي حازت على جوائز إقليمية وعالمية، مثل: الشروق في وادي رم، سماعي عروس الشمال، وسيفونية البتراء، بالإضافة إلى الأغنية الأوركسترالية «حبيتكعمان» الحاصلة على الجائزة العالمية في مسابقة التأليف السيمفوني في صربيا.واغنية « انتظار الماضي» الحاصلة على المكرفون الذهبي في مهرجان اتحاد الإذاعات العرب في تونس​