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Shadia Ikhmayies; Hassan Juwhari; Bashar Lahlouh;
2019 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
San Antonio, Texas USAMarch 2019Participant
Nanang Suwondo; Hassan K. Juwhari; and Dwi Sulisworo;
International Conference on Progressive Civil Society
Yogyakarta, IndonesiaFebruary 2019Participant
Hassan K. Juwhari Lahlouh B.I. Ikhmayies S.J.
V European Conference on Renewable Energy Systems
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovena2017 August 27-30Lecturer
Lahlouh B Ikhmayies S Hassan K. Juwhari
V European Conference on Renewable Energy Systems
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovena2017 August 27-30Lecturer
Hassan K. Juwhari Ikhmayies S.J. Lahlouh B.I.
IV European Conference on Renewable Energy Systems (ECRES 2016)
Istanbul, Turkey2016 August 28-31Lecturer
Juwhari Hassan, Hussein T.
International Aerosol Conference, 2014
Busan, Korea2014, Aug. 28th - Sept. 2ndParticipant
S. H. Mahmood, G. H. Dushaq, I. Bsoul, M. Awawdeh, H. K. Juwhari, B. I. Lahlouh, M. A. AlDamen
Spring International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Engineering (AEM-S 2014) And the Spring International Conference on Advances in Physics (CAP-S 2014)
Shanghai, China2014, Apr. 16–18Participant
Sufian Abedrabbo; Bashar Lahlouh; Hassan Juwhari; Oktay Gokce; Anthony Fiory; Nuggehalli Ravindra
142nd Annual Meeting & Exhibition.
San Antonio, Texas, USA.2013, March 3 - 7.Participant
LinkSCEEM HPC Roadshow 2013 
Amman - Jordan2013, Feb., 28Participant
Third LinkSCEEM Thematic Workshop
Nicosia - Cyprus2013, Feb., 19 - 21Participant
Jordanian National SESAME Users' Eighth Scientific Workshop
The University of Jordan-Jordan2012 - April 3rdParticipant
SESAME-JSPS School and SESAME 9th Users Meeting
Amman-Jordan2011 - Nov. 12-16Participant
Jordanian National SESAME Users' Seventh Scientific Workshop
The University of Jordan-Jordan2011 - April 27thParticipant
Jordanian National SESAME Users' Sixth Scientific Workshop
The University of Jordan-Jordan2010 - May 7thParticipant
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Training Course, FEI Academy, FEI Europe B.V.
Eindhoven-Netherlands2009 - Nov. 8-12Participant
SESAME-JSPS School and SESAME 8th Users Meeting
Petra-Jordan2009 - Nov. 19-21Participant
• Hassan K. Juwhari
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SESAME 6th Users Meeting
Days Inn, Amman-Jordan2007 - Nov. 17-19Participant
• Hassan K. Juwhari and William B. White
The Second International Conference on The Science and Technology of Display Phosphors