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UJ Announces The Winners of Ali Mango Award for Distinguished Researcher

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During the opening ceremony of the second scientific day of Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research, The University of Jordan announced the winners of Ali Mango Award for Distinguished Researcher/ 2011. The Vice President for Scientific Research, Graduate Studies and Quality, Prof. Hala Khyami-Horani, handed over the awards to the distinguished researchers, who are: Dr. Mutasim Al Hawamdeh and Dr. Amin Khreisat (the best research for Medical faculties), Prof. Mohammad Raqab, and Prof. Mohammad Mubarak (the best research for scientific faculties). The head of Center council, Prof. Fuad Kittaneh, stated: "The award is given annually to outstanding researchers at medical and scientific faculties", pointing out that the award will be allocated to agriculture and nursing faculties next year. In her turn, the director of the center, Prof. Abeer Al-Bawab, noted that the center celebrates the First Prize of El-Hassan Bin Talal Award for Scientific Excellence for its project, " The Achievements of Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research 1999-2011". Prof. Al-Bawab presented an overview about center, its scientific achievements and role in supporting scientific research projects for researchers and graduate students at UJ. The distinguished researchers expressed their appreciation for UJ and the Center for supporting scientific research and researchers. On the sidelines of the meeting, Prof. Khyami opened a Medical Exhibition which was held with the support of the Arab Scientific Alliance, Amin Shocair store and Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company. The participants of the exhibition were: Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company, Maani Furniture & Partners, Qashou Trade and preparations company, the International Company for scientific research support, Genetics Company, Al Shaker For Scientific & Medical Supplies, Gulf Scientific Corporation and Ibn Sina Center for Medical Equipment and Services. It is noteworthy that Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research was established in 1999 at UJ, with an Initiative from the late Mr. Ali Mango, in order to support scientific and joint research in basic and applied sciences and technology areas.

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