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Member of the following organizations and committees


A)        Department level

            Department Council 1978 – present (member)

  Committee of Scientific Research in the department 1991-1993; 1996-1998; 2002-2003 (member)

            Committee of General Biology Courses 1985 -1995 (member)

            Committee of Graduate Studies 1992-1993 (member)

            Committee of Biology Department Curriculum 1992 – 1995 (member)

            Committee of Scientific Research 1996- 1998; 2001-2005(member)

            Committee of Graduate Studies 1999- 2000, 2002-2005 (member)

            Committee of Social activities 2002-2004 (head)


B)        Faculty Level

            Faculty of Science Council 1992 – 1994, 1997-1998, 2005 (member)

            Student Violation Committee 1992 – 1994 (member), 1999-200 (head)

            Social Activity Committee 1991 – 1993 (member)

            Scientific Committee 1999-2001 (member), 2005 (head)

            Curriculum Committee 2000-2002 (member); 2005(head)

Committee of Graduate Studies 2005-2006(head)

            Appointment and Promotion Committee 2005 -2006(head)

            Faculty of Science Council (head) 2005-2009


C)        University Level

            Student Violation Committee 1995 –1996 (member); 2002- 2009(head)

            University Council 2002-2003, 2005-2009 (member)

   Biotechnology Committee- Mango Center for Scientific Research, 2003-2005 (member)

  Center of Water and Environmental Studies, 2005 (member of the board) Faculty of Higher Studies, 2005 (member of the board)

            Board of Deans' Council, 2005-present

            Board of the University School 2005-2009 (member)

            Curriculum Committee 2005- 2009 (member)

Scientific committee /Mango Center for Scientific Research 2005-2009 (member)

Board of the Center for Scientific Research (member)

Board of the Center for Women's Studies 2006-present (member)

Board of the Energy Center 2006- 2009 (member)

Board of the Center for Women's Studies 2008- 2009 (head)


D)        Others    

l    Member of the National Jordanian Committee for Youth Year 1984-1985.

l    Translator, revisor and editor of Connect UNESCO-UNEP Newsletter                       ( ARRABITA) , Vol.XII, XIII. 1987-1988.

l    Advisor for General Biology Courses / Jordanian University for Women 1991 -1993

l    Technical Consulting committee / Al Albait University 1992 - 1993

l    Author & Editor of Biology Text books for the First Secondary Class level in   Jordan 1995-present

l    Member of the general microbiology society, UK 1989- 1997

l    Member of the society for invertebrate pathology, USA 1993- 1995

l    Member of Jordan Scociety of Biological Sciences 1986- present

l    Member of the Royal Society for the Conservation of  Nature 1998- present

l    Member of Jordan’s team to the meetings of the Middle East Multilateral  Peace talks on environment 1996- 1999

l    Member of the board of trustees and advisory committee SIGI in Jordan 1998- 2005

l    Member of the Professional Jordanian National Comittee for Women 1998- 2004

l    Member of the proffesional’s consulting comittee for the Jordanian National Commmission for women 2000-2004

l    Member of the National Jordanian Committee for genetically modified food: Regulations for public safety in Jordan 2002-2005

l    Head of the Scientific Committee/ Member of the advisory committee for the Second Arab Women Summit 2002-2007

l    Jordanian society of genetics (Finder and member) 2002

l    Member of the Jordanian official team for the Second Arab Women Summit. 2002.

l    Member of the Technical committee for the evaluation of the use of protein animal feed for chicken/ Ministry of Environment.2005-2006

l    Supervisor of teachers who submitted projects in order to offer them guidance and assistance throughout the projects’ development.

l    Member of the Intel ISEF –secondary school Judjing committee 2006 in the field of biological sciences

l    Head of the judjing committee for Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Science Teachers in Jordanian Elementary and Secondary School  2006-present

l    Member of the judjing committee for Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Young Arab Scientists, 2006-present

l    Referee in several Scientific Journals

l    Chief Editor in Advances in Biological Research. IDOSI

l    Member of editorial board of  some scientific journals

l      Biosafety higher committee- ministry of Environment, member 2008-present