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solution of implicit nonlinear equations, system of linear equations, matrices and vectors analysis, Jacobi, Gauss-seidel, under and over- relaxation, interpolating polynomials: lagrange and divided differnec tables, numerical integration and differentiation, ODE: IVP and BVP(and Eigenvalue problems) and PDE.
Third Year, 2007-2013
First law of thermodynamics, closed systems, control volumes, properties of pure substance, steam and other substances thermodynamic tables, Enthalpy and Entropy, Second law of thermodynamics, first and second law efficiency, Kelvin-Planck and Clausius statements
Third Year, 2009-still
Cold water supply, rainwater and wastwater drainage.
Fourth Year, 2009-still
Basic laws, Pressure, temperature, flow and force measurements.
MSc, 2009-2013
roots of nonlinear implicit equations, numerical integration and differeniation, simulink, and symbolic modules.
Second Year, 2008-2011
First and second laws of thermodynamics, steam thermodynamic tables, closed systems and control volumes, heat transfer laws, static and moving fluids, bernoullis equation, pressure and flow in pipes.
Second Year, 2009-still
statics, Dynamics, rigid bodies, linear and angular momentum, mass and moment of inertia, forces and moments, equilibrium of rigid bodies, trusses and frames, friction. Motion of particlles and rigid bodies, links and beams.
Second Year, 2009-still
motion of particles, motion of rigid bodies, velocity and acceleration, relative and absolute motion, Coriolos acceleration, forces and moments, linear and angular momentum.
Second Year, 2010-2011
Free and forced vibrations, harmonic exciting forces and general exciting forces, single and two degrees of freedom systems, total equation of motion
Fourth Year, 2007-still
Interpolating polynomial, Numerical differentiation and integration, ODE: IVP, BVP and characteristic or eigenvalue problems, PDE: elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic PDE, transient and steady state solutions, convergence and stability criteria, cylinderical and spherical coordinates. Application from vibrations, fluid mechanics and feat transfer.
MSc, 2011-still
Basic concepts, Fluid statics, fluids in motion, Laminar and turbulent, viscosity, Continuity, Bernoulli equation, Euler equation, momentum equation, Energy equation, flow in pipes, dimensional analysis, stability of submerged bodies.
Differential equations of Continuity, Energy and momentum, boundary layers, Drag and Lift, compressible flow, turbomachinery, piping networks
MSc, 2011-still
Laplace transforms, Dynamic modeling, Block diagrams, simulink, stability, state space modern control, root locus, PID controllers
Fourth Year, 2011-still
Flow, pressure and temperature advance measurements tools
PhD, 2011-still
Compressible flow, viscous flow, boundary layers modeling, numerical methods and softwares
PhD, 2011-still