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This course focuses on the analysis of epistemological, ontological and metatheoretical perspectives in the philosophy of science, while also considering the implications for scientific inquiry, theory development and knowledge development in nursing. Concepts and theories from philosophy of science and methods of theory development are used to critically examine the process of knowledge development in nursing.
In this course, the emphasis will be on educational aspect of critical care and adult health nursing as an aspect of nursing practice. The students will develop instructional design as related to the educational needs of the patient and his family and to teach the patient how to care for himself. Emphasis will be on teaching and training other nursing personnel in the area of critical care through the use of instructional design. Emphasis will be on utilizing a comprehensive instructional process.
From 2000- to Present
The purpose of this course is to introduce the undergraduate nursing student to the
Research process as presented in professional nursing literature. It aims at
introducing the basic concepts of research, its nature purposes, methods,
literature review and data collection, analysis & utilization. Emphasis will be on the applicability and implementation of the research process to nursing and health related problems.
From 1989 to 2006-2007