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in collaboration with the Center for Research and Documentation-Rome, Water and Environment Research and Study Center(WERSC)-University of Jordan, Netherlands, and Morocco.
funded by EU/DG XII  B through INCO-DC initiative with participating institutes from Jordan (WERSC), 
The project was funded from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) from 1/7/96 for two years to study the possibility of using duckweed in further purification of treated wastewater.
funded by the General Association for Environment Protection from 1/9/96 for 14 months.  The purpose is to evaluate the springs of Kufrinja basins on qualitative and quantitative basis, to study the effect of treated wastewater plants on the quality of the basin water.
funded from USAID/University Development Linkages Program (UDLP) for 5 years from 1/10/92 and the project was extended for another year.
funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) (Global Environmental Facility).
The project  was funded by the EC.
funded by EC through Aviccene Initiative  for three years
funded by the Dutch government. The project started in 1997 and was planned to finish in 2001and was extended till 2004.
The project was funded by EU INCO-MED iniative and was carried out in cooperation with Wageningin University/Holland ,the National Research Center /Egypt, Beir Zeit University/Palestine, and Crete University. The project  started in 1999 for three years.
funded by USAID and is carried out in collaboration  with Washington State University, Purdue University, Hashemite University and Jordan University for Science and Technology. The project involves preparation and delivery of training material in different water areas. Fifty different courses were delivered. Beside the training component, the project also involves evaluation of Zara/Maen waters in the Jordan valley for potential use for drinking purposes. The project started  in March 2000, and is still going on.
Funded by the EU,started 1997 and continued for three years. This Projectwas carried out in collaboration with Catania University/Italy, Ground Water Research Center /Egypt. Ministry of Agriculture/Cyprus.
The project is funded by the Higher Council of Science and Technology/Jordan . The duration of the projectwas two years.
Funded by the General Corporation for Environmental Protection. The project is extended on yearly basis.
funded by the EU started May,2004 continued for four years.The project is carried out in collaboration of the WERSC with Monpellie University/France, Cranfield University/England, St. Joseph University/Lebanaon.
funded by Ministry of International   Development in Germany, on-going.