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Research papers published during 2011-2012
Mutasem Taha
Applied Sciences Private University2011-2012
Several research publications during 2010 and 2011
Mutasem Taha
University of Jordan2011
Research papers published during 2009-2011
Mutasem Taha
Hamdi Mango Centre for Scientific Research-Jordan University2011
Computer-aided discovery of new anti-diabetic natural compounds from the Malaysian Tropical Flora
Mutasem Taha; Habiba Wahab
Brain Gain Programme- Malaysian Ministry of Science and Technology2010
Several research publications during 2009 and 2010
Mutasem Taha
University of Jordan2010
Combining Ligand-Based Pharmacophore Modeling, QSAR Analysis and In -Silico Screening for the Discovery of New Potent Hormone Sensitive Lipase Inhibitors
Mutasem O. Taha*, Lina A. Dahabiyeh, Yasser Bustanji, Hiba Zalloum, Suheer Saleh.
An-Najah University-Palestine2009
Effects of variable docking conditions and scoring functions on the qualities of protein aligned CoMFA models constructed from diverse h-PTP 1B inhibitors
Mutasem O. Taha*, Murad AlDhamin
Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education 2008
Ligand-Based Assessment of Factor Xa Binding Site Flexibility via Elaborate Pharmacophore Exploration and Genetic Algorithm-Based QSAR Modeling
Taha, Mutasem O.*; Qandil, Amjad M.; Zaki, Dhia D.; AlDamen, Murad A.
The Jordan University 2005
Development of novet hydroxylamine-based quinolones as potential antibacterial and anticancer agents
Mutasem Taha; Deltef Geffken
New routes to acyliminium ion precursors and a synthesis of the neuvamine skeleton
Mutasem Taha
Loughborough University Chemistry Department 1994