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    The course addresses the concept of tourism, concept of religion. Religious tourism, its importance and advantages on various aspects. It will address a review for the most important civilizations passed upon Jordanian land; it provides also a rapid review concerning their presence locations and their relevant religious sites. this course will address as well as the most important religious touristic sites such as Christian pilgrimage sites, Islamic sites, Mosques, shrines (Maqamat) of prophets and Messenger Companions (sahaabah), castles, fortresses, hospices, Islamic adoration sites (Zawaya) and the ways of pilgrimage in Jordan, it identifies the most biblical touristic sites, its stories mentioned in the Bible . It will also address touristic sites quality and general situation (readiness) to receive tourists.
Third Year
This course Addresses industry tourism from various aspects, which include history (history and evolution), tourism potential, and definitions and frameworks, traditions and systems and influences, components ,infrastructure and metadata (travel agencies and companies to local and global associations and organizations).
First Year
It Addresses concept of archaeological tourism; importance and advantages of various aspects, prevalent locations over the territory of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, To identify every periods and civilizations that have passed by and its traces left behind.
Third Year
This course is designed to introduce students to the concept of tourist guidance and the tour guide; his duties and responsibilities, and how to deal with tour groups, types of tourist guidance; it also aims to focus on basic skills and specifications that must be met for successful tour guide. It also aims to introduce guidance ethics, future of tour guide, and the importance of tour guide in developing and marketing tourist destinations, his relationship with tour events.
This course treats the concept of tourism, importance of tourism and its properties .it treats the concept of local community as well, and the relation between these two concepts. It clears also the importance of tourism for local community and how it is so important to conserve it, the impact of tourism on the development of local community, and the ability of local community to be aware of the concept of tourism and how to interact with it .it addresses the problems of tourism in most developing countries and in the least developed countries, and the dimensions and perspectives of tourism development strategy, the overview of the tourism development strategy. It addresses the role of tourism development projects in social development of local community.
Third Year
Train students in the techniques of tourist guides, and information that come up during the process of guidance.
Fourth Year