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Basheti, I., Qunaibi, E., Bulatova, N., Samara, S. and AbuRuz, S.
Royal Pharmaceutical Society Conference
London, UKSunday 11 – Monday 12 September 2011Participant
8. Bulatova NR, Abdul Al L, Yousef A-M, Alawwa I
The 15th Scientific Congress of the Association of Pharmacy Colleges in the Arab World & The 3rd International Conference of the Faculty of Pharmacy / The University of Jordan
Amman, JordanOctober 2012Lecturer
Human Participants Protection Education for Research Team online course
onlineOctober 2010Participant
Jordanian Pharmaceutical Association

Amman JordanDecember 2011Participant
Basheti, I. A., Qunaibi, E. A. and Bulatova, N. R.
The 16th International Social Pharmacy Workshop Conference
Lisboa, Portugal23-26, August, 2010Participant
AbuRuz, S.,  Bulatova, N.,  Yousef, A. M. and  Al-Ghazawi, M. A.
The 16th International Social Pharmacy Workshop Conference
 Lisboa, Portugal23-26, August, 2010Participant
N. R. Bulatova and R. M. Darwish
First International Conference of Russian-Speaking Physicians
Jordan - Amman21, October, 2006Lecturer
Bulatova, N. R., Krinskaya, A. V. and  Valdman, A. V.
Scientific Conference at Scientific-Research Institute of Pharmacology
Moscow, Russia18-21, October, 1989Lecturer
N. R. Bulatova & A. M. Younes
Workshop for physicians at Al-Bashir Hospital
Jordan-Amman14-24, June, 2009Lecturer
Bulatova, N. R., Youse,f A. -M, Qosa, H. and Al-Khayat, G.
Third Kuwait International Pharmacy Conference
Kuwait City, Kuwait14 - 16, February 2011Lecturer
Al-Bakri, A. G., Shalan, H., Abu-Oleim, A. and Bulatova, N.
Faculty of Pharmacy/UJ Scientific Day
Amman, Jordan11, May, 2011Participant
Poster presentation
Amrani, I., Bulatova, N. R., Abbadi, A. A., Massad, J., Yousef, A. -M., Al-Masri, M. and Abu-Tahoun, L.
Faculty of Pharmacy/UJ Scientific Day
Amman, Jordan11, May, 2011Participant
Poster presentation
Ibrahim, Z. Z., Phaily, S. S. and Bulatova, N. R.
The International Conference of Colleges of Pharmacy of Arabic World
Amman, Jordan10-16, October 2001Lecturer
Bulatova, N. R.
Scientific Conference of Bashkir Medical Institute
Ufa, Russia1, June, 1986Lecturer
 N. R. Bulatova
Conference on Sulfoorganic Compounds in Medicine
Riga, Latvia1, january, 1985  Lecturer
Qato, M. K., Bulatova, N. R. and Ibrahim, Z. Z.
FASEB Meeting
Washington DC, USA1, December 1999Participant