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This course discusses the following subjects:Water and the fitness of life; carbon and the molecular diversity of life; the structure and function of macromolecules; the cell; membrane structure and function; an introduction to metabolism; cellular respiration: harvesting chemical energy; photosynthesis; the cell cycle; the molecular basis of inheritance; from gene to protein; the genetics of viruses and bacteria; organization of eukaryotic genomes; DNA technology and genomics.
This course discusses the following subjects: Circulation and gas exchange; osmoregulation and excretion;animal reproduction; nervous system; neurons, synapses and signaling; sensory and motor mechanisms; resource acquisition and transport in vascular plants; angiosperm reproduction and biotechnology; plant responses to internal and external stimuli; bacteria and archaea; protists; fungi,plant diversity:how plants colonized land and evolution of seed plants; an introduction to animal diversity; invertebrates; and vertebrates.
This course includes 15 lab sessions with experiments that deal with the following:
* Introduction - Before you start
* Measurements
* The Microscope
* The cell
* Biological macromolecules
* Enzymes
* Physical properties of the cell
* Metabolism
* Plant tissues
* Animal tissues
* Vertebrate anatomy
* Prokaryotes
* Protista
* Fungi
* Plant diversity
* Invertebrates