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The course covers the following subjects: aggregate effective demand and its main components;
consumption, investment, government expenditure and the trade surplus. The Keynesian concept
of money and the monetary market. The classical integrated model. An introduction to general
equilibrium analysis and the (IS) and the (LM) curves. Monetary and fiscal policies
Scond Year
The course contains the following subjects: Features and measures of economic development,
agriculture in economic development, problems of industrialization, and theories of economic
development, investment standards in evaluating projects, international trade and economic
Third Year
The course covers the basics of Islamic economics in comparison to other systems. The course
contains the following: The Islamic economic system versus capitalism and socialism, The role
of the government with respect to land ownership, agrarian reform, industrialization, and
preventing monopolies, Monetary policy of the state, The public spending.
Third Year
The course to integrate various principles and concepts from different fields of business
administration through a variety of areas that relate to problems of economic decision-making
and policy formulation at the level of the firm. It analyses the market structures, production,
costs, pricing Policies, location theories, capital budgeting and evaluation of economic units
Fourth Year
First year
second year
second year