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Prof. Tareq Hussein
Dr. Hashem Alkhaldi
Nerdeen Abu AboudEnvironment Engineering and Climate ChangeMaster2017No
Prof. Tareq Hussein
Dr. Hassan Jawhari
Ala'a Al-BetarEnvironmental Science and ManagementMaster2017Jordan Journal of Physics 2017, 10: 51–60Yes
Prof. Tareq Hussein
Noor YasiinEnvironmental Science and ManagementMaster2017No
Prof. Tareq Hussein
Motasem Al-HalaigahEnvironmental Science and ManagementMaster2016Jordan Journal of Physics 2016, 9: 31–46Yes
Prof. Tareq Hussein
Sawsan MalekPhysicsMaster2016No
Prof. Tareq Hussein
Safa' IbrahimPhysicsMaster2016No
Dr. Tareq Hussein
Ola Mohammed HassounehPhysicsMaster2012No