Wesam B. Darawsheh is a certified occupational therapist from the Ministry of Healthy at Jordan, and is an associate professor at the University of Jordan. She is a qualified occupational therapist with experience of working in the UK. She functioned as a clinical supervisor for occupational therapy students at the University of Jordan for about 6 years from 2004-2005 and 20012-Now. In 2009, she has worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Essex where she participated in teaching and supervising students’ work in two courses which were “Research Methods” and “Reflective Practice”. Currently, at her clinical position, she conducted clinical evaluation and treatment for inpatients and outpatients with various neurological and physical conditions such as RTA, TBI, Burns, CVA, SCI, Arthritis, fractures, and hand injuries.

She has established a model to guide occupational therapists when working with clients from various and different cultural backgrounds, and this was published in the Open Journal of Occupational Therapy.  Her paper about reflexivity in the International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation is currently guiding several researchers who are applying qualitative research methodologies in their investigations.   

She has a particular interest in contemporary issues in occupational therapy such as technology, culture and medical advancements. She is interested in occupational science, occupational health, occupational deprivation, refugeeism, and occupational and professional voice users. She has also an interest in the field of community based rehabilitation, and in the role of OT with clients with dysphagia.  She views occupation as the essence of occupational therapy, using qualitative research methodologies to explore this, as well as the delivery of client-centred practice in health and social care. This is the current focus of her teaching and research at the University of Jordan.​