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Yousef Mubarak
Raghda Talal AbdulsamadChemical EngineeringM.Sc.2017Journal of Thermoplastic Composite MaterialsYes
Yousef Mubarak; Zayed Al-Hamamre
Shaden Al-BtooshChemical EngineeringM.Sc.2017No
Yousef Mubarak; Dirk Schubert
Rachael Abu-HalimehChemical EngineeringM,Sc.2014Polymer-Plastics Technology and EngineeringYes
Mubarak, Y. Abo Hammour, Z.
Areej Al-SamhouryChemical EngineeringM.Sc.2011Mathematical Problems in EngineeringYes
Dr. Sweis, F.
Dr. Mubarak, Y.
Asma Ibrahim Al SawalqaChemical EngineeringM.Sc.2010Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringYes
Dr. Tobjy, A.
Dr. Mubarak, Y.
Fatima O. AbbadiChemical EngineeringM.Sc.2008Jornal of Applied Polymer ScienceYes