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The 14th international conference on cancer nursing, International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care: “Reaching New Heights Together”
Toronto, Canada September 27th 2006Participant
Othman, A., Tarawneh, M., Shahrouri, M, Obeidat N.
The 6th international conference of the Royal Medical Services,
Amman, Jordan. November 20th 2012. Lecturer
Othman, A.,Kiviniemi, M, Bill Wu, W and Lally, R
The third international Jordanian Nursing Council nursing conference. “The Heart of the Matter: Relevance of Nursing Responsiveness”
 Amman, JordanApril 27th 2010Lecturer
Othman, A., Ahram, M., Tarawneh, M., Shahrouri, M., and Obeidat N.
The 4th Jordanian Nursing Council international nursing conference. “The Tipping Point: Creative Solutions to Health and Nursing Challenges”.
Amman, Jordan,April 24th 2013.Lecturer
Othman, A.
 the second international nursing conference
Amman, JordanApril 2008Lecturer