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This course aims at providing physical, psychological, emotional, social and economic care for women and their families. The focus is on providing health care through the application of the nursing process steps. Emphasis will be placed on maintaining women's health during the reproductive years , which includes: pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum periods, It also includes fetal growth and development, the immediate care of the newborn and family planning and gynecological problems
theory and clinical
Third Year, 2011-2012 / 2012-2013
The purpose of this course is to introduce the undergraduate nursing student to the research process as presented in professional nursing literature. It aims at introducing the basic concepts of research, its nature, purposes, methods, literature review and data collection, analysis & utilization. Emphasis will be on the applicability and implementation of the research process to nursing and health related problems. The course provide the students with the opportunity to prepare for research projects.
Fourth Year, 2012-2013  / 2011-2012
This course is designed to introduce students to the basic English concepts in health professions and to enable students to practice professional writing. Students will recognize the multiple purposes of documentation and state documentation fundamentals. The professional writing course will help students learn effective strategies for communicating such as hand writing and computer-mediated writing technologies.
Second Year, 2012-2013
 This course introduces the students to the basic concepts of reproductive health. It emphasizes safe motherhood and fatherhood, women's, men's and adolescent reproductive health across the different stages of their physical, psychological and social life. Topics such as benign and malignant tumors of the reproductive system and sexually transmitted diseases will be addressed. Emphasis is placed on early detection, prevention and the provision of nursing care. The clinical part of the course provides the students with the opportunity to apply various learnt concepts through well-organized training activities in a variety of clinical and community settings.
Third Year, 2013/2014
يهدف هذا المساق إلى تزويد الطلبة بالمهارات والمعارف الأساسية التي تساعدهم في التعرف على الإصابات والحوادث، والتدخل وفقا لذلك في موقع الحادث. كما أنها تزود الطلبة بالمهارات اللازمة لتقييم الحوادث الطارئة وتنفيذ إجراءات الإسعافات الأولية التي من شأنها منع المزيد من المضاعفات باستخدام المصادر المتاحة حتى يتم نقل المصاب/المريض إلى المستشفى.
First Year