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Shereen Kakish
ACFAS: The Francophone Association for Knowledge
Ottawa- CanadaMay 2009Participant
Quality Assurance and Evaluation in Higher Education
Lebanon9-10 May 2016Others
University representative
Shereen Kakish
La reception transdisicplinaire d'Albert Camus
Jordan27-28 March 2013Participant
Shereen Kakish
Alexandria University26-27 October 2019 Participant
Keynote Speaker
Governance of Digital Education
Lebanese University25th of October 2017Others
University representative
Shereen Kakish
Online learning, a paradigm shift in higher education in response to COVID-19 Pandemic
Alexandria University24-26 October 2020Participant
How to develop the culture of entrepreneurship in universities and the relationship between universities and companies
University of Art, Science and Technology- Lebanon24 October 2017Others
University representative
Promoting excellency and innovation in teaching and learning in the twenty-first century
Islamic University- Lebanon16-17 October 2018Others
University representative and Moderator
Shereen Kakish
Autour de Régis Jauffret
France16 June 2012Participant
Shereen Kakish
Follow-up strategy and the development of international scientific projects
Holy Spirit University –Lebanon 27 April 2017Others
University representative