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Evolution of stratigraphic classifications; present day classifications; types of lithostratigraphic units; combined successions of strata; sequences: surface outcrops, correlation of strata, unconformities; chronostratigraphic units; Eras and their characteristics: divisions, sediments, fossils; stratigraphy as a tool in: mineral, water, and petroleum exploration; three hours lab each week and three days field trip are required.
Second Year
Familiarization with compass and topographic maps and other field equipment; stratigraphic cross and columnar sections; geological survey for different rocks; columnar sections correlation; preparing reports on the geological and environmental surveys; investigating the environmental circumstances of landslides and mining areas, as well as soil and water resources pollution.
Third Year
A comprehensive course dealing with fossil micro-organisms such as: Foraminifera: structures, origin, shape, aperturers, wall composition, mode of life, selected families and genera for analyzing, history & Age. Ostracoda: Structures, classification, ecology, stratigraphic range, methods of study-post Paleozoic ostracodes. Pollen & Spores: general structures, classification, morphology, & stratigarphic palynology. Three days field trip to important stratigraphic sites in the Aqaba-Madawwara districts.