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About Me



Amar Hani Souhil Al-Dujaili

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D


Professor of

 Physical and Polymer Chemistry


Present Position

: Professor of   Physical and Polymer Chemistry (since 4.5.1993). Department of Chemistry, College of Education,  Ibn Al-Haitham, University of Baghdad.





First Name

: AMMAR  H. S.


: Iraqi

Place and date of birth

: Baghdad, Iraq, 13th August 1946

Marital status

: Married

Name of Wife

: Nabila Abdulmalek/Algerian

Number of children

: Three (2F and 1M)




B.Sc. in General Chemistry, awarded from the College of Science, University of Baghdad, Iraq on 28 June 1968 with the classification (good).


M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry, awarded from the College of Science, University of Baghdad, Iraq in 26  June 1972. The degree was taken by two years: First year : i)  Lectures and examinations    ii) Special research techniques “charge transfer complexes between   secondary amines and iodine”. Second year involving thesis entitled “The C-H Out-Of-Plane Vibration of Substituted Benzenes’ under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gazi A. Derwish.


Ph.D. in Physical polymer Chemistry awarded from University of Sussex, Brighton, England, on 23th August 1984. Thesis entitled “Polymer Liquid Crystal” work under the supervision of Prof. Aubery D. Jenkins and Dr. David R. M. Walton. The project consists of preparation and characterization of three novel series of liquid-crystalline polymers. The liquid crystalline Properties of these polymers have studied using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), x-ray diffraction patterns, hot-stage polarizing microscopy, and electron microscopy.




I did a post- doctorate research for about eight months when I had finished my D. Phil. Work, in collaboration with both Prof. A.D. Jenkins and D.R.M. Walton. The work provided the preparation of novel poly-Schiff  bases showing liquid crystalline behaviour.






Experience :


A.   Demonstrator :


      January 1969 - September 1970, Demonstrator in organic and analytical chemistry laboratory, College of Pharmacy, University of Baghdad.


B.   Assistant :


August 1972 – July 1978, at Chemistry department, College of Science, University of Algeria, Algeria.


C.       Lecturer :


     August 1978 – July 1988, at Chemistry Department, College of Education, University of Baghdad, including study leave period from 1980-1984 at School of Molecular Science, Sussex University, Brighton, England.


D.   Assistant Professor :


       August 1988 - May 1993, at Chemistry Department, College of   Education, University of Baghdad, Iraq.


E.   Professor : 


     May 1993, at College of Education, Ibn Al-Haitham, University of  Baghdad, there were several posts held at the University of Baghdad.


1.   Lecturing physical and polymer chemistry to undergraduate ( B.Sc. ) and postgraduate ( M.Sc. and Ph.D ) students :


a)  Undergraduate

1)    Thermodynamics

2)     Electrochemistry

3)     Chemical Kinetics

4)     Phase Equilibrium 

5)     Equilibrium in Solution

6)      Polymer Chemistry

7)     Irreversible Process in Solution



b) Postgraduate

1)  Statistical Thermodynamic

2)  Molecular Reaction Dynamics

3)  Electrical and magnetic properties of molecules

4)  Liquid Crystals

5)  Polymer Chemistry



2 .  Supervision of graduate student’s thesis

3 .  Scientific advisers:


a.     External examiner for many graduate thesis.

b.    Consultant for various industrial establishments.

c.        Member of the scientific promotion committee at the University of Baghdad.   

d.       Consultant of the scientific promotion committee at the Department of  Chemistry, College of Education, Ibn Al-Haithm, University of Baghdad  for many years.