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A workshop on “Conflict resolution and transboundary groundwater management”
held at Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, USA.October 23rd and 24th/1993Participant
Dr. Abdur-Rahman Al-Fataftah
held at Institute of Agricultural Research Training Extension and Education.
JordanJune 22, 2011Lecturer
A workshop on “The commercialization of biotechnology research projects financed by HCST
At HCST in cooperation with JTG.held on 18/9/1994Participant
Member of the organizing committee of the “Jordanian second science week”, organized by HCST and Jordan Armed Forces,
Amman-JordanAugust, 1994Participant
The regional symposium on poultry disease in the Middle East
organized by FAO, Arab organization for agricultural development and Ministry of Agriculture/ Jordan.7-11/5/1984Others
Member of the organizing committee to the regional symposium on poultry disease in the Middle East
the first Arab seminar on ”utilizing modern technologies in increasing the production of red meat” organized by the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils (FASRC), in collaboration with the HCST, and UO
Head of the Higher organizing committee
The first scientific conference of Arab veterinaries federation, Dietary modification of heat acclimatization in the Fowl”
UOJ, / Faculty of agriculture.7-10/9/1981Lecturer
A panel discussion about “Improving the managerial leadership in the Arab scientific research institutions
The Fourth general conference for the General Federation for Arab Agricultural Farmers and Cooperatives
United Arab Emirates7/12/1991Participant
The national water seminar “ water situation in Jordan”, organized by Fredrich Nowman Foundation, the Jordanian Environmental Society and Arab Youth Forum
at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation/ Jordan.6-7/10/1991Others
A member of the scientific committee
seminar on “Cloud seeding” at the Jordan Badia R&D programme’s Centre, Safawi
The first Arab conference on “Handling of the horticultural crops”
A sub-regional workshop for strengthening national capacities in educational research in the Arab states, organized by the National Centre for Educational Research and Development in cooperation with UNESCO Regional Unit to Coordinate Educational Innovati
A workshop to discuss obstacles and constraints facing the development of NCARTT, with the aim of setting up a strategy for agricultural research, held at NCARTT,
A workshop on” Jordanian consulting services and expertise in development cooperation” organized jointly by the ministry of planning and the GTZ,
The fourth geological Jordanian conference
A seminar on “ The agricultural policies” , organized by the ministry of agriculture, Jordan, and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
The ministry of agriculture, Jordan3-6/12/1991Participant
A workshop on “The commercialization of the results of a research project financed by HCST titled”Monoclonal Antibodies Production”,
At HCST 3/5/1995Participant
Organized a seminar entitled” The production of natural products by microorganisms”
at HCST, in cooperation with Jordan Technology Group (JTG)3/3/1992Participant
A workshop to evaluate the performance of the National Research Centre for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer (NCARTT), organized by the ministry of agriculture
A seminar entitled” Biotechnology in the Arab World and the missing links between research and applications”
A seminar on” Industrial waste treatment”
The second coordinating annual meeting between the Jordan National Programme and the International Centre foe Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)
The international symposium on heat dangers
A workshop on “Range land and marginal areas development-obstacles and constraints, held at NCARTT
A workshop on “ Obstacles and constraints facing agriculture the field of rain- fed agriculture at NCARTT
A seminar on “Sea, brackish water desalination and waste water reuse”
Head of the organization committee
The Second Arab conference on” Perspectives of modern biotechnology, organized by HCST and a no. of regional and international organizations
Member of the organizing and scientific committee
The “Sixth Arab and the third Jordanian conference for biological sciences”
Amman- Jordan24-28/10/1992Others
Member of the organizing committee
An international Symposium on “Water resources in the Middle East: Policy and institutional aspects”
held at The Beckman Institute on the campus of the university of Illinois, Urbana, USA.24-27/10/1993Participant
Population,water, and food security A conference on “Population and the fundamental necessities in Jordan: a future outlook (1991-2005)
The third coordinating meeting between the Jordanian agricultural institutions and (ICARDA)
“The regional seeds workshop for western Asia and northern Africa countries”, organized by ICARDA, and the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
Representative of the UOJ in the training workshops for wild life management, organized by the Royal Society for Wild Life protection
Amman- Jordan21-28/5/1989Participant
A seminar on “Agriculture development strategies in Jordan
Member of the organizing committee of the “Jordanian first science week”,organized by HCST
Water Desalination in the Gulf of Aqaba using renewable energy
Amman- Jordan18/9/1991Participant
Organized a seminar entitled” Role of biotechnology in industrial development”
At HCST18/3/1992Participant
The first meeting of the joint committee for Arab Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the countries of the Arab Cooperation Council
Amman- Jordan16-17/6/1990Participant
A workshop on” Applications of biotechnology in Agriculture for arid regions development”, held at the Jordan Badia Research and Development Programme’s Centre
Safawi, Jordan15-18/11/1994Participant
Member of the organizing committee and representative of the UOJ in the seminar on the local and new strains of poultry
Round table meetings on “promotion of agricultural industries in Jordan”, in cooperation with Spain
for an expert group meeting on biotechnology in the Arab world, organized by the agriculture sector and in cooperation with the Arab League Educational Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO)
At HCST 14-16/12/1991Others
Head of the organizing committee
The seventh international conference for water resources
Rabat, Morocco13-18/5/1991Participant
“The Jordanian economic conference- constraints and perspectives”, presented a paper entitled “Perspectives of animal wealth development in Jordan”
The regional seminar on” Applications of genetic improvement on poultry and its suitability to environmental conditions in the Near East countries
A seminar on “Scientific publications in the Arab world: obstacles and perspectives”,
Yarmouk university-Jordan11-13/7/1994Participant
The first Arab seminar on “Weed control in orchards”,
Member of the organizing committee
A seminar entitled “Economic cooperation in the Middle East - The economics of transition”
held at Harvard University10-12/9/1992Participant
A workshop on “The commercialization of the results of ”Plant tissue culture projects”
financed by the HCST 20/11/1994.Participant