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 A. Zaid, J. Alqatawna, A. M. Huneiti
Cybersecurity and Cyberforensics Conference
JordanAug. 2-4, 2016Participant
M. M. Naim, J. P. Chan and A. M. Huneiti
the 4th International Conference on Factory 2000 - Advanced Factory Automation.
York- UK3-5/10/1994Participant
B. Hammo, A. Hudaib, A. M. Huneiti, and M. B. Al-Zoubi
International Networks Consortium LINC 2007 Conference
Amman – Jordan 27/10/2007Participant
R. M. Setchi, A. M. Huneiti, and C. Pasantonopoulos
the 5th CIRP International Seminar on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering CIRP ICME
A. M. Huneiti, and W. A. Al Mobaideen
4th International Conference: Sciences of Electronic, Technologies of Information and Telecommunications SETIT
Susa, Tunisia25/03/2007Participant
A. M. Huneiti
the 12th WSEAS International Conference on Computers.
Heraklion, Greece23/07/2008Participant
D. T. Pham, S. S. Dimov, and A. M. Huneiti
the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics INDIN 2003
Banff, Alberta, Canada21/08/2003Participant
R. M. Setchi, N. Lagos, and A. M. Huneiti
KES2007 11th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems
Vietri sul Mare, Italy 12/09/2007Participant
A. M. Huneiti
the Regional Symposium on the Arab World and the Information Society
 Tunis- Tunisia08/05/1997Participant
D. T. Pham, and A. M. Huneiti
the Virtual International Conference on Intelligent Production Machines and Systems IPROMS 2005.
Cardiff University- Wales, United Kingdom.04/07/2005Participant