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Frazier, S., K., Khalil, A., A.
Royal College of Nursing Research Conference
poster presentation
Amani A. Khalil, Susan Frazier, Lennie Terry, Peter Sawaya
Jordanian Nursing Council Conference
podium presentation
Amani A Khalil, Susan K. Frazier, Lennie Terri, Peter Sawaya
University of Kentucky Hospital
podium presentation
Amani Khalil, Lynne Hall, Debra Moser, Susan Frazier, Lennie Terry
Southern Nursing Research Society conference
Baltimore-Maryland-USA 2009Others
poster presentation
Amani A. Khalil, Susan K. Frazier
Student Scholarship day
Lexington/ Kentucky2008Others
poster presentation
Amani Khalil Maysoon AbdelRahim
Conference podium presentation-Jordan Society for Scientific Research (JSSR)