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This course is designed for undergraduate nursing students (3rd year) studying maternal health nursing. The focus includes the antepartal, intrapartal, postpartal periods, both sick and well and women’s health problems in later stages of life. This course provides students with the opportunity to synthesize and utilize critical thinking, the nursing process, nursing skills and nursing knowledge in providing care to women in a variety of settings. Students completing this course are expected to gain knowledge about reproductive anatomy and physiology, fetal development, pregnancy, in terms of trimesters and labor and birth in terms of the stages and the complications of pregnancy, birth and puerperium. Care of the mother and some common health problems of women will be discussed as the course contents unfolds
This course introduce the students to current issues and problems
Influencing nursing practice and nursing education and possible approaches in dealing with them .Discussion of recent trends in nursing services and nursing education and their possible application to the nursing profession will be covered
This course introduces students to the main concepts and principles of growth and development. It focuses on the developmental age periods and the role of the nurse in providing care for a child, an adolescent and their families; as well it gives general information about the characteristics of an adult and the elderly. After all, it concentrates on the main issues that help the student to develop a comprehensive and a holistic nursing care for each age group within the family context. The framework of the course is based on the concepts of health promotion
This course aims at providing clinical training opportunity for the fourth year nursing students to reinforce and integrate clinical skills and knowledge acquired during their study. The student will practice under the supervision of preceptors in different clinical areas they choose with the guidance and indirect supervision of faculty members