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Jordanian mental health nurses attitudes toward mental health illness and patients with mental illness.
Predictors of hostility among university students In Jordan. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences
An Investigation into Marital Abuse and Psychological Wellbeing among Women in the Southern Region of Jordan
An investigation into Empowerment and Psychological Wellbeing of Women in the Southern Region of Jordan
Maternal distress in mothers of children with cancer
An investigating into psychological and mental consequences of abuse among abused Jordanian women. Family violence.
Mental health nursing in Jordan: an investigation into experience, work stress, and organizational support. Journal of American Psychiatric Nursing Association
Promoting mental wellbeing of abuse women in Jordan
Jordanian mental health nurses  experience, attitudes, and psychosocial well being
An Internet-enabled Train-the-Trainer Research Workshop for Mental Health Facilitators with Survivors of SARA submitted for funding to the University Center for International Studies.