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The first level consists of: Listening (individual), Pronunciation, Reading letters and changing them into sounds, Changing the sounds into written letters, Listening and receiving compound sounds, Distinguishing different sounds, Changing words into writing, Exercises emphasizing correct pronunciation.
المستوى الأول
The students who come to this level should have a good linguistic foundation of vocabulary, grammar, listening and speaking abilities acquired from the two previous levels. The student receives a higher level of vocabulary and grammar through more developed contexts consisting of texts rich in knowledge and culture. The philosophy of the center emphasizes the importance of culture in teaching language, which is the vessel of thought and culture. Therefore, a variety of texts are presented about Arabic history and present, in addition to texts which discuss many famous historical figures and Arabic landmarks which introduce a diversity of rich vocabulary. A variety of exercises are used to learn about structuring sentences, antonyms, synonyms, and singular and plural words.
المستوى الثالث
This is an intermediate level, and is considered an extension of what has been previously taught in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Through introducing these skills in historical contexts within modern molds, students enrich their vocabulary and utilize it in its suitable indicative/ semantic fields, and enhance their syntax, morphology and dictation. This level teaches the following syntactic issues: active and passive verbs, subjects for the passive agent, adjectives, conjunctions, genitive cases, and number. As for the morphological issues, it consists of: agent-subject, agent-object, and verb forms. This level aims at using the above mentioned subjects in daily life situations and employing them in different contexts.
المستوى الرابع
Writing skills are enhanced through mastering the writing rules, punctuation, dictation and the ability to express one’s ideas clearly. Needed grammar/linguistic controls for writing sentences and developing the student’s writing and speaking skills are introduced as well as essential syntactic and morphological rules for constructing structures and sentences. This level aims at developing the student’s ability in speaking which is acquired through exposure to topics discussed in the classroom. The basic and cognitive skills such as knowing and understanding the basics of grammar, writing and the important rules related to linguistic and writing issues will be covered. Students will also develop their abilities to express themselves written and orally.
المستوى الخامس