Ahmad Bani-Jaber and Bashar Al-khalidi
Leena Al-aaniPharmaceuticsMaster's degree2007PublishedThe American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists/AAPS PharmScitechYes
Ahmad Bani-Jaber and Khaled Aideh
Riyam Kefah MaraqaPharmaceuticsMaster's degree2006PublishedEditions Sante (France)/Journal of Drug Dlivery Science and TechnologyYes
Ahmad Bani-Jaber and Bassam Amro
Osama Abu-DiakPharmaceuticsMaster's degree2005PublishedIchemE Food and Bioproducts ProcessingYes
Ahmad Bani-Jaber and Hassan Mutti
Samer OdehPharmaceuticsMaster's degree2003PublishedThe University of Jordan/Jordan Medical JournalYes
Ahmad Bani-Jaber
Deema Al AnaniPharmaceuticsMaster's degree2003PublishedThe University of Jordan\Jordan Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesYes
Ahmad Bani-Jaber and Imad Hamdan
Fawzi Al-HindiPharmaceuticsMaster's degree2002notNo