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Data Base (DB) Environment; DBMS architecture; Data modeling: Conceptual model, Entity relationship model (ERM), Extended ERM, Object Modeling Technique (OMT); Relational DBs; Data Base design; Data Base language: Structured Query Language (SQL); Views; Data Dictionary; Normalization process: 1NF, 2NF, 3NF; DB Integrity; DB Security; Modern DBMSs: Object-Oriented DBMSs; Physical Data Base design; Centralized and distributed Database systems; Case study. Weekly practice in the lab
Software engineering processing methods; Software life cycle; Computer-based system engineering; Software project Management; Requirements and Specification: Requirement engineering, requirement analysis, models, prototyping, formal and algebraic specification; Software design: Architectural design, object-oriented, function-oriented, real-time and user interface design; Reliability; Maintenance; Portability; Documentation; Re-engineering and reverse-engineering; Case study. Weekly practice in the lab
Solving Problems using the computer: Variables, Algorithms and its representation, Data: types and definitions. Advanced applications using software packages such as: MS Word: templates, comparing documents, master, Table of contents, Index, inserting, mailing merge, macros, MS Excel: Charts, Functions, sorting and filtering, Solver, Macros, MS Access: Tables, relations, forms, queries, reports, import and export files and data, macros; introduction to the Web applications. Small Projects and applications. Weekly practice in the lab.
First Year
Planning verification and validation; verification and validation techniques. Software testing: Component testing, integration testing and system testing. Testing techniques; Verification and formal methods. Critical systems validation. Transition Systems, Kripke Structure, Linear Temporal Logic (LTL), Computational Tree Logic (CTL), Binary Decision Diagrams, Modeling Real-Time Systems, Algorithms for Verifying Real Time Systems.
Master, 2013/2014
Selected Topics in advanced areas of Computer Information Systems, Report and Documentation required. Weekly practice in the lab
Fourth Year
Advanced data modeling concepts: Advanced Relational data modeling, Object-Oriented data modeling; Database Design Theory: Advanced Relational Algebra, Database Normalization, Object-Oriented database design; Advanced Query Languages: Advanced Relational SQL constructs, Object-Oriented query languages; Database Integrity; Concurrency Control: concurrency problems, concurrency approaches; Database Recovery: Recovery solutions and approaches; Database Security